Mission Statement

Areej Artists Centre (AAC) is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary, community-focused organization for artists of all ages. It began in 2014 but was officially registered in 2017. The Centre is currently located in the Danforth community, approximately 8.42 km from the Art Gallery of Ontario and a 3-minute walk from Main Street Subway Station.

AAC serves a very diverse artist population and is passionate about supporting artists, whether they are aspiring, emerging, or established. A significant number of artists supported by our programs are new Canadians, and among our artist are people who came to Canada as refugees, women, girls, and seniors. 67% of our artists are people of African descent.

Our Board of Directors reflects the artists who use our programs and services and is drawn from the art and other key stakeholder groups in our community. Our members are deeply committed to improving the lives of others and contributing to the enhancement of the arts here in Toronto and across the nation.

AAC provides opportunities for learning, sharing, cross-cultural exchange, and enrichment. It provides a vibrant community space for programs and services, a gallery for art exhibitions, as well as a meeting place for collegial exchange, and a place for art lovers to experience beautiful works of art. Our in-door café, Areej Tea and Coffee Bar, serves the best organic coffee and tea, as well as special treats. Our coffee is made from pure, organic, premium Ethiopian coffee beans.

As an added benefit, AAC provides free internet access for its users.We are the gallery space for group and solo exhibitions, workshops, and events. Please contact us if you wish to rent the space for a private event or workshop.

In addition to our gallery space, we also have a Coffee & Tea Bar which is integrated into our Centre and occupies approximately 70 sq. feet of space. This art lovers café is a beautiful place for artists to gather, relax, or get some work done.

Visit us today and enjoy a beverage or sweet while immersing yourself in the soothing ambiance, art, and music our gallery provides. To ensure accessibility for all, admission to gallery exhibitions is free but donations are always welcome! Events and other programs at the centre vary in cost. Please contact us for more details.


Our Values

Areej Artists Centre’s mission is to support artists at any stage of their careers and to make the arts accessible and for the center to be a creative force within Toronto’s art community.

AAC holds the view that the arts should be accessible to all people, regardless of race, religion, and social and economic status. We believe that the arts can be used as a tool to address wider concerns such as social issues, health, education, and poverty, and can ensure that artists have access to resources and support to advance their careers.

Areej Artist Centre believes in the building of community and that through our work we can build understanding, promote dialogue, build partnerships, and open doors for others.

We celebrate the rich diversity of Canada and fully recognize and value the contributions of first-nation peoples and Black people to the rich Canadian cultural mosaic. Our work reflects this understanding and commitment to ensure the inclusion of all people, and avenues are created to always facilitate access to equal opportunities and advancement in the arts.

We stay true to our core values of being dynamic, creative, and innovative, and inspiring others to use the full range of their talents.

Areej Artists Centre is a place to express talents and abilities, a place to learn and explore, and embrace all opportunities.

Our Vision

To advance Areej Artists Centre’s purpose as a dynamic and innovative art center that allows artists to achieve their fullest potential and to be a major contributor to the arts in Toronto and Canada as a whole.


Our mission is to implement Areej Artists Centre’s objectives by working in partnership with corporate and community partners as well as other key stakeholders to build a strong and vibrant artistic community and to fulfil our long-standing commitment to working steadfastly for the health and well-being of our community.¬

Our Service Model

Areej Artists Centre is passionate about supporting local artists, whether they are aspiring, emerging, or established. We especially welcome newcomers, immigrants, and refugees. People who are disadvantaged and underserved are high on our priority list.

AAC’s core values are rooted in the principles of excellence, fairness, respect, and value for others. We work tirelessly to make a difference and to support our artists in achieving the highest quality of life, including the promotion and marketing of their work.